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As a child I always loved drawing and painting, whether it was in a sketchbook or in the margins of my homework, and the natural world was an especially fascinating subject for me to illustrate. When I graduated high school I felt a strong desire to pursue the arts, and have them be a central fixture of my life, so when I read the words “scientific illustration” on the University of Georgia's art school webpage something clicked; I had found an area of focus that would allow me to pursue art as a career, and which also reignited my previous fascination with natural science. As I developed my artistic skills and scientific knowledge, I learned about the field of medical illustration, and decided to get my master’s degree at Augusta University. In this program, my skills and passions have been tested, developed, and refined. I have learned a variety of imaging and animation software, taken classes with medical students, and applied all I have learned to solving numerous artistic challenges, all in preparation to enter the workforce as a professional medical illustrator.

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